How does it work


To open a Manifesto Film Club in your high-school you need:

- A team of 5 high-school students who will be responsible for organizing and promoting the project. We want every student to have a role, for example, someone may be responsible for promoting the event in the school, someone else may be the event photographer and another person can research the theme of the film, preparing the discussion that takes place after the screening of the documentary.

- A student will be the coordinator of the Film Club. (S)he will be responsible for the whole project, and will keep in touch with the project manager in Bucharest. Along with the team, the coordinator is the one who will choose the film for and contact a guest for the debate as well as make sure that the event is a success.

- A partnership agreement with the directorate of the high school that you can download below [in Romanian]

- A coordinating teacher. His/Her role is to support the Film Club team and contribute to the impact of the project in the school. Depending on each school, the coordinating teacher can help with obtaining a room, suggesting people for discussion, ideas for activities that are related to the theme of the documentary, etc..

If you want to found a Manifesto Film Club you can download the manual on how to organize a Film Club [in English], and then download the application form for the coordinator and the team form. Send them completed to and then we will sign a partnership agreement with your school. Afterwards we can start the events in the new Manifesto Film Clubs!